Hair Accessories on Another Levels

Are you looking to jump out the box? Nope not think, but just jump before you sit down and think about it. While browsing my favorite app Pinterest looking for hair inspiration I ran into quite a few #hairgoals. Get ready for compliments galore with these bomb unbelievable hair accessories. Grab some inspiration, screenshot and show your stylist your next hairstyle!!

Yes, those are bobby pins and bamboo earrings. This bomb baby went with a braided ponytail to the back while adding the pins and earrings down the braid. FYI you can find pins and bamboo earrings at your local beauty supply for under five bucks

Janelle has been giving us hair goals for some time now. I think this is my favorite. Safety pins in a bun up next for me!

Faux Locs with gold clips and wire is my current hairstyle, but this beauty took it to a new level. If you don’t have wire some simple thread from Walmart could def get the job done.

X-Tina has been hair inspiration for years from her rainbow braids back in the day to now with a braid in the middle of hair filled with hair rings aka jump rings you can find at Hobby Lobby.


Okay Janelle. Seriously. The pearls placed in your hair-do! This is magic and def on my to do list.


XOXO Nicolette Nichelle of Living Queenish


Tips and Goals for Working Out

Losing weight is always such a sensitive topic and sometimes discouraging because you have to be consistent. Then the moment you have a fry, you’re hard on yourself and feel like you’ve failed lol. I can be consistent with everything in my life, but working out is a daily struggle. Lately I’ve been getting back in the groove of taking care of my body, so why not share the journey with my Queens. Keep reading for some quick tips on staying focused in your healthy lifestyle change.


#Tips and #Goals for Working Out

  • Don’t look at the time on the machine or on your phone. Watching the time working out makes it feel like you’ve been working out two hours and reality you see 58:00 minute left.
  • 30 – 60 minutes of cardio five days a week. For cardio more than an hour pay yourself $5.00!
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator. *rolls eyes my office is on the 5th floor*
  • Don’t forget your girls, invite a friend or three to tag alone to the gym with you. This way you can have company and a little friendly competition.
  • Go to a dance class with your girls. Try a reggae or hip hop class, that’s a cute and fun idea! Must try with my girls soon!

Lifestyle Changes into Diets

  • NO soda, alcohol, or red meat for thirty days. This a quick way to detox your body!
  • I do the cabbage soup diet whenever I feel bloated or I’ve hit one of those food trucks on Dowling St. too many times. I’ll stay on the cabbage soup diet for 7 days and lose the extra weight. The cabbage soup diets guarantees a 7-10 pound lose for the 7 days on. Here’s the recipe to get started!
  • I’m a full-time pescetarian, so no meat helps my diet completely. I suggest anyone who wants to cleanse, but doesn’t want to just eat veggies to go pescetarian for a month and I’m sure you will lose 15 pounds that month.
  • When I was 20 I went on the Scarsdale Diet for 2 months and lost 50 pounds, I also worked out super hard like 1-3 times a day at the gym. Scarsdale’s is a diet that doesn’t feel like a diet, Kevia and I may try it out for the month of May. Here the link for Scarsdale’s Diet!


Make sure that you are rewarding yourself for accomplishing small and big goals. After accomplishing your first week of full workouts and eating clean, reward yourself. Not with a cheat meal. Buy yourself a pair of shoes, a new bag, put some money in your savings, or do something that you always wanted to do that’s not so expensive. Summer is quickly approaching, my best friend and I have a few trips booked. Besides that we are young and loving our bodies and getting snatched for just that reason. Health and fitness is a known lifestyle movement right now and I’m glad to be a part of it. Grab some of your girls and get those beautiful bodies even more snatched all while rewarding yourself for achieving it!


XoXo Nicolette Nichelle of Living Queenish Blog

Being a Woman-Let’s Takeover

Let’s Take Over

 Being a woman has always been magical, but to be a woman in this day and age is powerful. This past weekend we had millions of women of all races and generations marching all over the country to stand for women’s rights. The post on our social media timelines were filled with inspiration. Men held signs that stated “Standing Tall with Women”. Women signs read “Diversity, Beauty, Strength and Power”.  There was not one cat fight insight and to top it off we had our children and men marching along with us. January 21st made me so proud to be a woman.

Women are unapologetically living our lives without asking for approval from anyone. We’re becoming executives, accountants, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, producers, and engineers. We are no longer needing a man to fix our cars, we’re becoming mechanics. We just had our first woman candidate running for President of the United States. Can you believe this? The real question is “What can’t we do?”. Though, Mrs. Clinton was not elected she gave inspiration to all girls in each generation that we can do whatever we put our minds to and to never give up on what we believe.


“The power in women sticking together, we will CHANGE the world” – Taraji P. Henson


Every time I listen to Taraji state how if we just come together and embrace one another instead of cat fighting or shall I say hating on each other we could change the world. I shed a tear because it’s true. When we come to together as women we become an unstoppable force. I look at Ming Lee who invested $500 into her company Snob Life and turned her company into a million-dollar business. She is inspiring and creating a way for other beauty entrepreneurs. Taking girls on trips out of the country to help them start their own business. We have Karen Civil a major girl boss and social media strategist who assisted Hillary Clinton with reaching the youth in her presidential campaign. There’s Courtney B of creating content for women to come together and give advice on how to manage being your own boss and climbing the corporate world plus much more. If we come together and stay together Taraji is absolutely right. We will change the world!

I am honored to be a woman and you should be too. Queens own who you are and don’t ever apologize for being you. You deserve to be everything you dream to be. I am amazed at all the Girl Power being spread across the world. We are taking part in every aspect of this world.

Let’s not only take part, let’s take over!

The Glow Up

Respect the Glow Up


Glow Up – “An amazing transformation of from when a Queen started from the bottom and made her way to the top”.


We want it to happen, and we want it to happen now. No dedication, hard-work or consistency. Just pop up in my life and be great. Right? No Queen it does not work that way. Learn to fall in love with the process of your own specific journey. A lot of times all we can think about is the outcome. The outcome is just that the outcome. We cannot control what happens next, but we can live in the moment and enjoy the glow up.

This goes for just about everything we do and go through in life. We want to lose weight and all we can think about is how flat our stomach is going to be and that 24inch waist; rather than focusing on eating healthy and exercising.  You’re starting a blog and your #1 goal is getting 100,000 views, but not working hard to get the content complete. Starting your own business and all you can think about is turning your business into a multi-million-dollar business. Even with having a baby; the entire pregnancy I hear people saying how they cannot wait until they have the baby. Other than appreciating the blessing that they were picked to carry a life inside of them. Everything we tend to focus on is the outcome and unfortunately that is not respecting the glow up.

Enjoy the late nights, working on assignments to gain your college degree. Embrace the times you were dead broke, but spent your last $100 to invest in your business. Get over the fact your ex left you for the girl with the exotic look and remember God is sending your husband soon. Appreciate those times you only had five views on your blog or Youtube channel. When something is handed to you, you don’t appreciate it as much as you do when you’ve worked for it. Think about it when you were growing up your parents bought you a pair of shoes that you’ve been begging them for. You let your friends wear them and damaged them completely not because you didn’t necessarily appreciate the fact your parents may have worked hard for you to have those shoes, but because it was giving to you it didn’t matter. When you’ve worked for a pair of heels; you could be drunk and you’ll be telling your girlfriends “Girl no, I am not walked in that muddy water to tear up my heels”.  Am I lying? Nope!

I know it gets frustrating and you become discouraged on the journey of your glow up. You don’t know what is going to happen next. Your anxious and nervous, but always remember the journey is where you can see where it all started and how far you’ve came. The process is the most important part of your journey. No matter if it is a successful business, being a mother, learning a new language, or getting to your body goals. Never forget to treat yourself with every accomplishment you make in life rather it be taking yourself out to eat, buying yourself some flowers, or catching a flight. Enjoy the process because when your “it” happens you’ll appreciate it more.






The Living Queenish Commandments

“The Living Queenish Commandments”

 I will mind my business. A lot of times we get so caught up in others business we forget our own. We compare our lives to people who already “made it” in what we see our life as. God’s timing is perfect and if you make a commitment to minding your business you’ll be happy you did. Mind the business that’s yours.

I will not belittle my fellow Queens. Just because she made a mistake doesn’t mean she’s not a queen. In life, we will make mistakes and hopefully grow from them. Many times, we get on a stand to judge people as if we are getting paid to. The queens who are exotic dancers, prostitutes, drama kept, crazy over a man who treats them bad or being over sexually on social media they don’t deserve the disrespect. Those queens are on a God giving journey, that only they can go through. Stop with the memes, and the judgement of what their journey currently is. A QUEEN, is put on earth to grow, encourage, and bless others. Remember that.

I will not disrespect myself. If you don’t respect yourself, the world won’t either. Loving yourself means respecting everything about you. Remember this. I don’t deserve to be second place for a man. I don’t deserve to be disrespected physically or verbally by anyone. I will not agree or do anything I don’t want to do. I will not shame myself in the mirror. I will not hide the way I feel. And just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

I will take a break. Rest. Take a mini vacay. The world has us thinking that we must stay awake 72 hours straight to be great. Or if we take a break we are preparing for failure. It’s a lie. For entrepreneurs and corporate working people some nights will be sleepless, but if you don’t give yourself a break you’ll get drained. Taking a break gives your body peace and for creatives a mental break. Practice giving yourself an hour to do nothing daily. Rest is an essential. Also, I recommend practicing meditating.

I will make it through it. Simple. Grow through it. Your journey was written before your time. It won’t be easy. Keep God first, pray, and enjoy the ride girl.


XOXO Nicolette Nichelle of Living Queenish.





Savings Goals with your BFF

“Saving Goals with your BFF”

Saving all my coins and getting my credit score together is #goals for me right now. I’m always researching ways to save or invest in my funds. But it can definitely be challenging with a ton of bills and stepping out on faith being an entrepreneur with no investors. While checking out my girl : Zoe’s blog, she had a cute feature with my babe Courtney of the and ran across blog post “Assisting a Lady Bo$$”. It was just what I needed to amp me up to start some small goals for myself financially aka stop bullshitting. Courtney and Chriss decided they would make some goals and not your regular friendship goals of looking fly for the gram (not that I don’t love a good stunt with your best friend on the gram flick), but paying towards credit debt. Each Friday the two pay $75 towards their credit cards and hold one another accountable for getting it done. Now of course I had to send the link to one of my best friends and we came up with our own five “Financial goals with the best frannnnn”.

  • Pay at least $30-60 each week on our credit card debt.
  • Place $50 in our savings a week for the remainder of the year, so if you have get paid bi-weekly $100 bi weekly sis. And if you start today that’s $1900.00 that you can continue to stack, pay for a few flights, or pay some debt.
  • Save every $1 bill you get touch with and $5 bill you get in touch with (sometimes) for the next 90 days. If you save $5 bills for 90 days that $450 and every $1 bill you touch just imagine we break bills every day and $1 bills are always in the mix.
  • Making our lunch for 5 days out of the week instead of eating out. This will save myself personally about $50.00 a week.

It’s beneficial to surround yourself with people that want to see you win. Having goals with your girlfriends should be the topic of discussion. Whether it’s traveling, starting businesses, saving money, or losing weight together make it happen with your girls for the extra motivation. Make sure you let us know if you join in, we wish you luck! Stay tuned for our next challenge of making $40 last an entire week, for a month straightK. And save that $$$$$$ honey.


by Nicolette Nichelle of Living Queenish Blog