Our Story


“Living Queenish is a lifestyle, take the initiative.”

With innovative customer service and impactful relationship building Queenland Studio continues to be an extraordinary resource when it comes to all things of self love. Started by Kevia Jones in 2016 Queenland Studio has evolved and expanded from not just a Talkshow, but other offerings including mentorship, acting, motivational speaking, philanthropy, author and youth development. In 2017 Queenland Studio took the world by storm and has quickly become one of the most talked about sources of self love and self worth development.

Houston native, Kevia Jones has devoted her life to inspiring the way that women explore self-esteem and self-worth by creating a platform that allows free expression and collaboration. As the founder of Queenland Studio, the luminous entrepreneur has created a wave of excitement around the term she has coined “Living Queenish”. Kevia is a philanthropist, author, motivational speaker, and influencer. She is truly dedicated to helping women discover the Queen that lives within them and strives to be a living example of walking into the life you design.